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Preserving a Cork Padel racket is almost an obligation.
They are handmade rackets (in Portugal), a product of excellence, with top raw materials, with a unique and exclusive patented anti-vibration system, which seeks to bring greater quality and comfort both in the game and in terms of health.

They are ideal rackets for people who suffer or want to avoid future injuries. Don’t forget that no two rackets are the same as they are all made individually and can always be personalized, giving you a personal and unique touch.

2. Warranty conditions

Cork Padel is a registered brand in Portugal. This product has a three-year warranty from the time of purchase.
This product has rules for use, failure to respect or break them will result in immediate loss of the warranty. In case of breakage and claim during the warranty period, the brand will study each case individually.

Cork rackets, due to their special characteristics, are made of materials subject to deterioration due to use and time, which have nothing to do with manufacturing defects. It is essential that you ensure the correct handling, maintenance and storage of your racket. Any nonconformities or loss of characteristics resulting from abnormal wear, weather, electrical discharges, negligence or accidents, poor handling, infiltration of moisture/liquids, use of non-original accessories and technical interventions by unauthorized personnel are not covered by the warranty.

2.2 The following cases are excluded from the Warranty:

  • Breakages, scratches, damage resulting from misuse of the racket, such as blows to elements that are not approved for play;
  • Using the racket to hit balls resting on the ground may cause breakage and will be excluded from the warranty;
  • Hitting the racket on the hand, knee, head, feet, heels or other parts of the body can cause breakage due to misuse;
  • Hitting the net screen with the racket can cause damage to the racket;
  • The polypropylene protection cannot be removed, as it could damage the racket;
  • Do not expose the racket to temperatures above 40ºC;
  • The warranty will be void if any modifications to the product, repairs or additions are made that are not approved by the brand;
  • You cannot get your racket wet, this also means playing in the rain.

NOTE: It is recommended to use grips, over grips and protections to obtain greater sensations, results and to preserve the product.

This user guide was updated on 03/03/2021

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