it is unique and exclusive, because each one is made by hand, crossing handmade           quality with technical precision.

In addition to being lighter, thanks to the precise distribution of all components, Cork Padel rackets are made with premium ultra-durable materials and patented with an exclusive anti-vibration technology that allows comfort and control in the game like never before. 

One of these components is Cork, used both to reinforce the "heart" of the racket and on its exterior, attributing an unparalleled beauty to the racket. 

Cork is the bark of the oak tree (Quercus Suber L.). 

This ancient tree grows in the Mediterranean Basin, removed every nine years, without cutting down or damaging the tree.

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Observed under a microscope, the cork has a structure like that of a beehive, were each cell has the shape of a pentagon or hexagon. 

Each cell is composed of: suberin, lignin, polysaccharides, ceroids and tannins. There is air inside the cell. 

 Therefore, cork is made up of “micro balloons” that provide lightness, elasticity and compressibility.