The Classic Racket was designed around all the Cork Padel nostal- gia. The racket that accurately expresses the nature of cork.

Cork Padel Classic stands out for its extra comfort and maneu- verability, due to its low balance and reduced weight.

The new Cork Padel rackets have undergone a huge evolution in their drilling pattern, increasing the sweetspot and increasing the size of the heart of the racket for better aerodynamics on all models without sacrificing their potency.

The new Cork Padel models also have a new string application. It is now replaceable, waterproof and anti-bacterial to provide more hygiene and comfort to the player.

The gum in the center of the racket has a unique and innovative technology in the form of a semi cross hole. This semi hole in the center translates into a controlled output with a wide and controlled sweet spot, removing the trampoline effect when defending and providing greater power in offensive plays. In short, a balanced racket in all aspects of power, control, comfort, handling and durability. Recommended for beginner to advanced players.

Always with Cork Padel's exclusive anti-vibration system

Game level

Initiate / intermediate




340 - 355 gr

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